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 Freddy Villarreal

Organizational Impact

For The team

Healthy, vibrant teams do not form spontaneously. They are the result of effective vetting, intentional training, and ongoing investment. Could your team use some investment right now?


Maximize your impact by cultivating a team approach to problem solving, dreaming, and content creation.

Culture mapping

Identifying core values, diversity complexities, and organizational norms can equip you to navigate and implement organizational change with excellence.

Event Speaking

Small group training or large speaking engagements can be catalysts for inspiration, encouragment, and empowerment.

Personal Growth

For the leader

Individual Coaching –


Personal growth and development is something every leader needs, but many do not have a pathway for.  This is an area of tremendous passion for Freddy, and one he has spent decades investing in.

Freddy’s approach to leadership coaching is  based on asking questions of discovery to the participant, and then helping them determine a pathway to achieving their goals.

Due to the level of investment and access he provides, Freddy limits the number of people he will coach at one time.

Determining a good fit in advance of begining a coaching relationship is important for both parties, so there is an extensive process for mutual discernment given to this service.

It is important that both the potential client and Freddy are able to determine if there is enough compatibility in shared values, goals, and desired outcomes before this endevour would begin.

About Freddy Villarreal

“Team Work makes the dream work”


Praxis –


For over 25 years Freddy Villarreal has been a professional public communicator and developer of leaders. Additionally, he has founded and led multiple nonprofit organizations, and consulted or coached leaders of businesses, schools, churches, and charities. Freddy has also served on the Board of Directors for multiple local and national organizations.



  • Associates Degree- Mathematics
  • Bachelors of Science- Biblical Studies
  • Masters Degree- Organizatial Leadership
  • Doctoral Research- Organizational Leadership- Ed.D (ABD)

Family –


Freddy and his wife, Jen, have five children, two grandchildren, and a dog named Benn.

They live in Yorktown, VA and Chicago, IL.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“The coaching that Freddy has provided me has been instrumental in elevating my success in so many ways.  His advice helped position my real estate brokerage to not only survive the COVID pandemic, but to thrive despite all the volatility.  The last few years we have experienced record sales, and Freddy helped me navigate critical staffing challenges at several pivital moments.

His insight has helped me with my efforts in the community as well, and I have most recently contracted him to help  coach me through my local political aspirations.

Perhaps the most beneficial thing about Freddy is how accessible he is to me as a client.  I can literally call him or text him about anything at any point and I know he will respond at his first available moment. This level of client care is invaluable to me and unprecedented in my own experience!”

Dr. Willard Maxwell, Jr.

Pastor | Spiritual Advisor | Community Leader & Liaison | Real Estate Broker , Maxwell Reality Co.

“Doing high-performance coaching and consulting with Freddy has helped me both personally and professionally. He helped me figure out the most important goals in my life and go after them in a streamlined, systematic order. My business soared after working with him, and I was ultimately able to sell it! From there he has continued in helping me navigate the next season of my life. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this relationship!  Freddy truly walks the walk.”

Tim McCain

Founder, Photolynx , President, PLIQ


“Great leaders are excellent listeners who live a life worth imitating. Freddy Villarreal is a great leader who inspires and challenges individuals and organizations to excellence. Forged through decades of creating opportunities in diverse settings, Freddy calibrates support and challenge as a mentor and coach as he masterfully asks powerful questions. Indeed, time spent with Freddy will yield more than insight and information, it will lead to lasting transformation.” 

Dr. Laura McDaniels

Network Catalyst, Uptick

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